Lipstick and Earrings

Long hair, red, never wore any wigs. 

Bold, brassy, sassy and a little trashy.

He was a she with an attitude,

taught to him by old movies &

calendar pictures of pinup girls. Him

wearing pink lipstick with a pinup curls,

painted nails, satin panties and lace bras.


He’d teach me,

men will try to get your cookies if you let them.

Sit like a lady, watch me.

Cross at the ankle not the knee.

Sit with your knees together.


Dresses that hung to the floor.

Drag-shopping with my Uncle,

only my brother and I can call him Uncle.

Uncle Jimmy she,

Prudence Dianna Lovejoy

a queen.


Pumps in every color

He would let me line them up in his closet,

pretending they were my shoes.


Pantyhose with baby powder.

That’s how you get them on.

Foundation, cake it on. 

The lights are bright when I’m on stage.

Blush you’ll never need, pretty pink cheeks.


A man taught me how to be a woman.

Eye shadow, liner, mascara and lipstick.

Tuesday, you’ll never lip liner.

Yes, men, most will cheat,

It’s not you it’s them.

Never kiss on the first date

a girl has to have standards.

Don’t sell it on the first date,

imagination is all men want. 


Lipstick and earrings that dangled.

Falsies I would put under my shirt,

pretending they were my own breasts.


You’re going to grow into such a beautiful woman,

said to me by Ms. Gay West Virginia.

I would watch him transform.

Paralyzed by him and the master piece

of cross dressing.


Be who you are and be proud.

God and I we have talked,

He made me a queen.  

Men will adore you

just like I do

said to me by 

a man who lives his life as a woman.


As a little girl, I’d run downstairs, introducing him

Now presenting the Queens of all

Queens, Prudence

Dianna Lovejoy.

My uncle Jimmy She!